Fox One

What if Air Combat was a Spectator Sport?

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This is a world that treats mock air combat the same way we treat Formula 1, NASCAR, and the World Rally Championship.

It’s a world of conflict, danger, and freedom…

Where daredevil fighter pilots seek fame and fortune as modern knights errant…

And meet to test their skill against one another in the modern-day knightly tournament: Fox One!

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Avisport: The group of competitive sporting events which primarily involve the use of aircraft.

Lynx’s childhood dream was to become a knight, but she’ll settle for the next best thing: A sponsored pilot in the Fox One tournament, where aerial dogfighting is an international sport! She’ll share airspace with seasoned mercenaries, daring aerobats, and rogue air pirates to prove she has what it takes.

By TE Anubis

Published by Kirin Press